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Films from The World Heritage

Here, we have collected the films that are presented on the website.

The films are in 2mbits/s, WMV-format.

Røros World Heritage
The Discovery of Copper at Storvola
Company Privileges
Tithe to the King
Immigration to the mining town
Golden Age of the 1700s
Firing up to crack the rock
Removing the ore by trestle, horsepower and reversible water-wheel
Pumping system in the mine
Smelting Houses
The mining town and the farms
The Modern Community of Røros

The films are of high resolution, and will take some time to down-load if you do not have a fast broadband connection to the website ( -  2mbit/s). If you experience a problem with jerking, try putting the film on ‘pause’ until it has all been down-loaded.

If you experience other difficulties in viewing the films try down-loading the latest versions of the filming programmes:
Windows: Windows Media Player 10
Mac: Windows Media Player for Mac
Linux: Mplayer or VLC

Røros was added to UNESCOs of World Heritage Sites in 1980, refer also to Riksantikvaren, ( Norwegian Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings).
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