Outhouse Project

As the town’s agricultural activities ceased by the middle of the 1950s many of the outhouses lost their original use. The result was increasing deterioration.

Odd Sletten

In 1993 an evaluation report was submitted by ICOMOS at the request of the Chief Inspector of The Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Buildings, and this report paved the way for a project that has become known as ‘The Outhouse Project’. In the early part of the summer of 1996 the first renovation work was started and the project has continued ever since.

As its goals, the project is to renovate and repair approximately 400 outhouses at the Røros World Heritage Site and bring them to the level where in the future ordinary maintenance will suffice. The project is under the authority of the Riksantikvar and is managed by Røros Municipality by the keeper of ancient buildings and monuments.

Great emphasis has been placed on developing craftsmanship in renovation techniques among the carpenters who participate in the project. All renovation is carried out in accordance wit strict attention to renovation principles. As little as possible of historic materials are removed, and nothing new is added, The buildings which are repaired are carefully examined and records made, as is the case with the repairs made.


Røros was added to UNESCOs of World Heritage Sites in 1980, refer also to Riksantikvaren, ( Norwegian Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings).
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