The end product - Copper

The end product after the processing through the smelting houses at Røros Copper Works was the metal copper.

Alexander Austnes

Until 1887 the end product was in thin sheets or rolls, from 1887 until the closing down in 1953 the copper was cast in bars. The copper was very valuable and was stored in the copper store under the protection of three locks, the General Manager, the Smelting House Manager and the Mine Manager each had their own key. The copper was transported to Trondheim from where it was then shipped to Europe.

The copper was used in making many different article, in the manufacture bronze it was used to make cannons and bells, hammederd copper plate was used for roofing material and as a sheathing on the hulls of boats and ships. Copper was also used to manufacture coinage and also used to produce certain cooking items.

 Røros Copper Works produced a total of 110,000 tons of copper.

Røros was added to UNESCOs of World Heritage Sites in 1980, refer also to Riksantikvaren, ( Norwegian Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings).
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